Nero's Mysterious Design
2002 Friesian Sport Horses

Nero's Mysterious Design (Myst): 7/15/02 Friesian/Appaloosa Filly. Out of 15.3 hand Buckskin Appaloosa mare, Designor Princess (also for sale) and sired by Nero (16.2 hands). This filly's name derives from the fact that we didn't know what color she would end up being! She was born a mousey black color with a dorsal stripe and tiger stripes on her legs! It was a Mystery! She could have been a dark grulla or a black. Either way, she was sure to be beautiful! Ultimately, she has turned out to be a solid black. Very Friesian in build with lots of elegance and dressage movement. Myst has no spots, no mottled skin and a BEAUTIFUL head! Her movement is very forward with lots of "float". Video available for $6 (see home page for details). $5,000. SOLD - Congratulations to Linda in Alaska


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