Camelot's Sweet Vanda (Vanda)
2005 Friesian Sport Horses

Camelot's Sweet Vanda (Vanda) 8/13/05 Three Quarter Friesian/Thoroughbred Filly. Black Bay - no white markings. Out of 16.2 hand Friesian/Thoroughbred mare (Sweet Camelot by Nero) and sired by Vanyel (16.3 hands). This filly is big boned, well built, mellow, smart & impressive looking with a very sweet face and "kind eye". Athletic with lots of movement! This is a full sibling to Van Mateo and Chauci Van Sweet.

SOLD - Congratulations to Justine in Illinois

Video Clips:

Vanda & Noni at 10 months Part A [06-19-06] 4.80 mb)

Vanda & Noni at 10 months Part B [06-19-06] 4.71 mb)

Vanda at 3 months [11-08-05] 4.17 mb)

Vanda at 2 months [10-15-05] 4.46 mb)

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