Zeta Gold
2002 Friesian Sport Horses

Zeta Gold 7/20/02 Friesian/Paint Mare. Solid Grulla -- tiger stripes & dorsal stripe. GORGEOUS!! Incredibly sweet & curious personality - and very bold. Out of 15.3 hand, registered, Dun & White Paint mare, Trinity Gold and sired by Zero Gravity. Click here to see her 2000 full brother, Zen Gold. Zeta is registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry (FSH). She was started riding and driving in May of 2007. Zeta has had 2 High Merit inspected foals by Ukiah Norsk, a FSH inspected (2nd Premium on Sport Horse Standard) 16+ hand, Champagne, Friesian/Saddlebred stallion.



Video Clips:

Zeta at 4 years, 11 months (June 27, 2007) pulling cart after 8 weeks of training ( 4.48 mb)

Video coming soon - Zeta being riden

Video coming soon - Zeta at liberty


Zeta was in foal to Ukiah Norsk (pictured below). Her two 1/2 Friesian foals both scored High Merit at inspection!

Above: Friesian/Saddlebred colt, Ukiah Norsk, by Lord Baldrick ~ photo at 2 years.

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